GAME Credits April 2021 Update

Happy May to everyone in The GAME Credits Family!

Let’s jump right into the April recap.

GASLESS NFTs and New Platform Feature

April saw the official launch of GASLESS NFTs on the GAME Credits Platform.  We are utilizing the Polygon (Matic) sidechain to help reduce fees and make it easier for anyone to create and sell NFTS.  

You can read the blog on all the new features here 

With these new features, creators can now:

  1. Sign up and create a customized creator page without incurring gas fees.
  2. Create and sell NFTs without paying gas.
  3. Mint NFTs in a variety of aspect ratios and file-formats including: JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs, and MP4s.
  4. Upload files up to 50 MB in size.
  5. Include content with their NFTs that can only be unlocked after purchase.


We launched the first 2021 Nova Blitz World Tour Tournament.  This event had people from around the globe battling it out for a chance to win some $GAME.  The winners of the tournament were:

1st Place – HIDE  

2nd Place – Memento926

3rd Place – Upclass 

4th Place – Aussiesloth 

5th Place – JakeAlmighty, Uni, Penanegra, & Boschem. 

Stay tuned for future tournaments coming soon! 

Nova Blitz Leaderboard Competition 

But that wasn’t it for Nova Blitz, we also announced the Nova Blitz Leaderboard Competition.  

For the month of May 2021, players who compete to top the in-game Nova Blitz Leaderboards, will win additional prizes outside of the game. Win GAME and NFT Rewards as you hone your skills

1st Place – $400 in GAME 

2nd Place – $200 in GAME

3rd Place – $100 in GAME 

4th Place – $100 in GAME 

5th Place – $50 in GAME 

6th Place – $50 in GAME

7th Place – $50 in GAME

8th Place – $50 in Game

Play, play and play some more. We will pay out $1,000 in GAME Prizes each month to the end of May, June and July Leaderboard leaders. 

Just For Fun

Who saw the FOX news story on Virtual Land sales?   

They happened to highlight the GAME Credits banner on  

Not a bad promotion!

Until next month,



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