Welcome to Genesis Worlds

Mining Claim NFTs are here!

Stake a claim in your favorite world and join the community building the 100 year Metaverse! Each NFT provides governance rights and one land parcel and mines $GENESIS, which powers the Genesis Worlds economy.

Farm GENESIS Tokens

Stake GAME to farm GENESIS

To farm GENESIS, stake your GAME Credits in the farming contract. The longer you stake your GAME, the more GENESIS you'll farm. A total of 50M GENESIS will be farmed over the lifetime of the Genesis Worlds project.

Calling All Warriors

Block Brawlers P2E Game Community Launch is Live

Acquire, train and trade your unique champions in the One-of-a-Kind play to earn game. Quest and Battle to test your party’s mettle. Choosing the right Brawlers and strategy in battle are key to victory. The leveling and Brawler creation algorithms ensure no two Brawler or battles are ever the same!

100 Years and Beyond

Our NFT platform is the start of something big. GAME Credits is developing a decentralized metaverse game in collaboration with a community of creators. Together, we are building a strong technology and governance framework that will lead to a 100% community-managed metaverse that exists 100 years and beyond.


Fully secured by the Ethereum network, the home of the ERC-721 (NFT) standard for in-game items.


Powered by the Polygon (Matic) sidechain to improve scalability, storage and security while reducing costs and energy consumption.


Launched in early 2014, GAME Credits has stood the test of time as one of the very first cryptocurrencies in existence.


The GAME community collaborates to prioritize and complete metaverse design and development projects supported by the GAME Credits team.


GAME Credits has one of the most experienced teams in the blockchain space and is constantly recruiting top talent.


Earn GAME tokens and digital collectibles each week by staking your tokens on your favorite creators listed on the GAME Rewards portal.

A Metaverse for Gamers

The vision for the Genesis Worlds Project is to develop a decentralized RPG metaverse that will last beyond 100 years. Join our community to participate in designing game mechanics, strategy and lore for the Metaverse. You can participate in decisions around rules and rewards and earn GAME for your contributions to the community.

Join our Community

Worlds for Everyone

Genesis Mining Claims are the founding NFTs that allow you to participate in individual world governance, while mining GENESIS tokens. Each Mining Claim NFT features a 3D concept model of the World. Collect Mining Claims of all your favorite Worlds to build your unique portfolio. The longer you hold your Mining Claims, and the more Mining Claims you own, the more GENESIS you mine. Mining Claim NFTs drop Q4 2021.

Choose Your World


Where can I find your white paper and more information about the Genesis Worlds 100 year metaverse project?

Check out our white paper on the Genesis Hub. The Hub is where we keep the most current information about the project. You can keep up with NFT launches and other news on the official website at genesis.game.

What’s the purpose of having two tokens, GAME and GENESIS?

The GAME token is central to all our projects and products. The GENESIS token powers the play-to-earn and GameFi rewards of the Genesis metaverse. Check out a quick explanation on our Talking Tokenomics blog post.

How do I get GAME tokens?

Check out our list of trusted exchange partners to find out where to purchase GAME.

How do I get GENESIS tokens?

The GENESIS token launched in October 2021. Learn about the multiple ways to get GENESIS.


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