Create Your Legacy

NFT minting for Creators

Publish and sell digital art and collectibles - reward your audience with loyalty points - offer your GAME Credits NFTs on secondary marketplaces.

Build Your Collection

NFT marketplace for Collectors

Grow your catalog of digital art and collectibles - stake GAME on your favorite creators - earn loyalty points to redeem for exclusive NFTs.

100 Years and Beyond

Our NFT platform is the start of something big. GAME Credits is developing a decentralized metaverse game in collaboration with a community of creators. Together, we are building a strong technology and governance framework that will lead to a 100% community-managed metaverse that exists 100 years and beyond.


Fully secured by the Ethereum network, the home of the ERC-721 (NFT) standard for in-game items.


Powered by the Polygon (Matic) sidechain to improve scalability, storage and security while reducing costs and energy consumption.


Launched in early 2014, GAME Credits has stood the test of time as one of the very first cryptocurrencies in existence.


The GAME community collaborates to prioritize and complete metaverse design and development projects supported by the GAME Credits team.


GAME Credits has one of the most experienced teams in the blockchain space and is constantly recruiting top talent.


Earn GAME tokens and digital collectibles each week by staking your tokens on your favorite creators listed on the GAME Rewards portal.


With GAME Credits, all your metaverse assets are blockchain items, so you can own and sell them at your discretion. No blockchain experience required – we handle all the tricky stuff so you can just buy, sell and trade while you’re having fun.

Join our community to participate in designing game mechanics, strategy and lore for the Metaverse. You can participate in decisions around rules and rewards and earn GAME for your contributions to the community.

Join our Community


The GAME Credits NFT platform is a great way to mint and sell NFTs of your digital creations while earning rewards for engaging with your fans. The best NFTs are promoted across our social channels.

Whether you’re a digital artist, designer or software developer, there are opportunities for you to bring your creativity to the GAME Credits Metaverse project, and earn GAME for your community contributions. Help build our Metaverse game and establish your creative legacy.

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What is the GAME Credits Platform?

GAME Credits is a platform for game developers to deliver blockchain in-game items within their games, with only a simple API call. The GAME Credits RESTful API Suite allows the simple creation of NFT’s, Secure Asset Exchange, Engaging Rewards Delivery, a Fair Tournament Gaming System and more. GAME Credits is also a platform for game players receive rewards from, and share in the success of, their favorite games.

What are the components of the GAME Credits Platform?

v1.0 – Rewards Portal

Players stake GAME tokens on games they are actively playing, games reward players with NFTs and/or GAME tokens, pooled platform fees are shared with developers.

v1.0 – Exchange

  • Use GAME to BUY and SELL user owned game items (ERC-721-NFTs)

v1.0 – Explorer

  • View your own collection of user owned in game items or packs.
  • Gift items, packs or tickets from your collection to a friend.
  • View or Replenish your Ticket or GAME balance.

v1.0 – Foundry

  • Mint Final in game items.
  • Mint Test items during early stages of development.

V2.0 – Esports Tournament system

Enter trustless tournaments with other players.
Receive tournament prizes from the entrance pool.

Verifiably fair gaming tools, such as a Random Number Generator.

Where can I buy GAME Credits?

Several exchanges, please see the Exchanges section here.

Does GAME Credits have its own wallet?

No – unlike most other blockchain solutions, we don’t make users manage private keys, as the private key user experience is undesirable for almost everyone. Instead, the user’s in-game account secures their in-game items until they’re ready to link an Ethereum account, in which case any wallet that supports ERC721 can be used to manage their tokens.


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