GAME Credits Platform

The GAME Credits platform is a decentralized suite of unique tools that turns any game into a blockchain game. The platform seamlessly plugs into any online game via GAME Credits easy to use RESTful API suite and robust SDK. Offering an all-in-one solution, the GAME Credits platform delivers the following features to every online game in the world:


The GAME Credits NFT Protocol API and SDK enables the easy creation of your own in-game items (Non-Fungible Tokens - NFT’s) which can then be distributed to players.


Gamers can also passively earn NFT’s by staking GAME and become part of other promotional giveaways through our GAME Rewards system. Game developers can further engage their players by giveaways (based on staking), in-game accomplishments, or contests, all based on a player’s stake of GAME toward the game. Feature rich and easy to use SDKs that allows you to create an open economy within every game. Language and Engine support for Unity, Unreal, Javascript and more.


Provably fair Esports tournament organizer to create and run competitive, prize-driven tournaments within any game enabling a true e-sports experience led by developers or the community


The GAME Exchange provides a marketplace API to enable the creation of an in-game or external third party marketplace for players to buy and sell in-game items. Games and third parties earn a cut of each transaction made across the exchange ecosystem

Gamers can truly sell items on secondary markets or through our portal, and subsequently, sell GAME through one of our trusted exchange partners.



Q1 2015

  • Headed by Dragon Foundry CEO Paul Barclay, planning for Nova Blitz begins; a real-time TCG video game. Vision for a full in-game economy is born and development begins

Q4 2016

  • Nova Blitz Early Access is released on Steam
  • Work continues and plans for release on mobile, for both iOS and Android are underway.

Q2 2017

  • Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic, The Gathering, and Skaff Elias, creator of the Pro Tour for MTG, are approached to help with the project. Both eventually become lead advisors to the project
  • The idea for NovaToken is born. Research for a blockchain-backed in-game economy and platform begins.

Q3 2017

  • The Nova Blitz beta is released on Steam and well received by the community.
  • Nova Blitz public alpha for iOS and Android is released.

Q1 2018

  • The NVT ERC-20 token is deployed and development on the Ethereum backed NovaToken platform begins.
  • The first smart contract developments are underway.

Q3 2018

  • Development on the Rewards portal staking testnet is complete.
  • The first set of smart contracts are complete. The early stages of the Rewards portal go live. Players and developers are able to stake NVT earning millions of promotional NVT on the NovaRewards Portal.

Q4 2018

  • A major Rewards portal API upgrade is successfully made
  • Blockchain game CryptoBeasties creates the first community contest and offers NFT’s for player support on the 0.9 NovaRewards portal.

Q1 2019

  • March 2019 - The decision is made that work on Nova Blitz and the NovaToken Platform needs to split. A need for focus and additional help is clear and thus NFT Platform Ltd. is formed, taking control of the NovaToken platform.
  • With the forming of NFT Platform Ltd., a new NovaToken team is assembled from top industry talent. Paul Barclay, the CEO, key vision holder, and developer from Dragon Foundry, focuses all his efforts into NovaToken tech and remains as CTO.
  • Jason Cassidy heads the ship at NFT Platform Ltd., and with his strong connections to the blockchain space and love for games, leads the vision of the NovaToken platform. He is joined by other industry veterans in both the cryptocurrency and gaming space, all with the same passion for the project

Q2 2019

  • The new team begins work on the NovaToken platform 1.0 release.
  • The team size grows as new talent is added to aid in the development of the platform

Q3 2019

  • NovaToken announces its partnership with Digitible, a boutique-NFT curator that specializes in high-quality digital collectibles. Digitible works alongside the NovaToken platform to create and issue limited print-run NFT’s that users of the platform can earn via the NovaRewards portal.

Q4 2019

  • NovaToken platform 1.0 (NTP) development continues as the team announces completion of the MVP is close.

Q1 2020

  • NFT Platform Ltd acquires GAME Credits brand and IP. Plans to merge both entities are formed as each has complementary strengths to support the other. Technical and marketing teams begin merger.

Q2 2020

  • Announcement of the merger is released with the plan to combine both networks into a new ERC20 token on the Ethereum network
  • GAME Credits and NovaToken snapshot commences by the end of Q2 2020 with a long redemption window for users to swap to the new ERC-20 GAME token
  • The newly branded GAME Credits platform MVP is released to the public
  • The GAME Rewards portal is updated, offering game owners and players more ways to earn GAME Credits, Loyalty rewards and NFTs.
  • Third-party e-stores can implement the GAME Credits API to offer players a way to buy and sell their in-game items using GAME Exchange

Q3 2020

  • The GAME Credits transition to Ethereum is complete and the GAME network gains several new exchange listings previously listed under NovaToken (NVT)
  • GAME Mint is made available, where games can seamlessly create their own in-game items, update and deploy them to their player base. .
  • The GAME Rewards portal is updated to allow for unique NFT (ERC 721’s) of all types to be earned as staking rewards (tournament tickets, packs, unique promotional collectibles and more).

Q4 2020

  • Several NFT and Esports partnerships are announced
  • New exchange listings are added to bring more exposure, liquidity and access to GAME
  • The GAME Metaverse program is launched, focusing on developing the decentralized Metaveress

Q1 2021

  • GAME Credits provably fair E-sports tournament organizer, GameTournament, is released.
  • GAME Credits brings on new team members and advisors with strong backgrounds in Esports
  • The GAME Education program is launched with a focus on introducing Esports and NFT's to schools across the globe


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