Mining Claims Release: Xoth is Back, with Four New Worlds!


Friends and community,

We are excited to announce the next release dates for Genesis Worlds Mining Claims NFTs. In April we will release 5 new Worlds on two different dates. Based on lessons learned from previous releases and feedback from the community, we will be launching Xoth on its own April 7th to test an improved process before releasing four new worlds on April 14th. Here’s what you need to know:

We are returning to the pricing model used in our first release where the base price for each World is 500 $GAME, which will start to increase along the bonding curve after 480 have been sold.

You will be able to purchase up to 10 Mining Claims per transaction, and there is no limit to the number of transactions per wallet.

To avoid confusion when API limits delay pricing updates to the Mining Claims pages, pricing will move to the ‘Buy’ window. When you click ‘Buy,’ you’ll see the accurate current pricing before submitting your transaction.

Following the Xoth release, we’ll take the lessons learned from the experience and community and make adjustments as needed before the next release on April 14th. Our expectation is everything will run smoothly and we will follow the same process on the 14th.


Here are the details you will need to successfully participate in the Mining Claims sale. All times are listed in PT. You can use a time zone converter tool to find out when sales occur in your region. The individual mining claims pages list the launch time in your local time zone along with a countdown timer to the launch.

Date: Thursday April 7, 2022

Time(s): 8:30 AM PT – Xoth

Date: Thursday April 14, 2022

Time(s): 8:30 AM PT – Blocktopia

9:00 AM PT – Oz

9:30 AM PT – Enigma

10:00 AM PT – Astral Plane



Xoth, glittering like a daemonic eye in the blackness beyond Abbith. It is here that Cthulhu mated with Idh-yaa to beget Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, and Zoth-Ommog. Do you have the guts to visit this world and fight the forces of darkness? I’m sure something is waiting there to take you up on your offer, as guts are mighty tasty to these beasts of the dark.


Check out the Island of Voxelia where all Seven Wonders of the Ancient World have been recreated to scale using Voxel Art. You’re encouraged to add on to each of the Wonders or destroy them and start from scratch!


If you’re off to see the Wizard, this is the place to land. Join an epic quest to defeat the wicked witches (don’t forget your supersoaker) and earn your place in the Emerald Empire. You’ll never want to click your ruby heels again.


Can you solve the puzzles at the heart of Enigma’s mystery? And once you do, will you ever escape its machinations? The only real conundrum about Enigma… is why you haven’t visited sooner!

Astral Plane

The space in between. Perhaps where you dream. Phase into the Astral Plane, the transdimensional subspace between all worlds. If you are troubled by strange noises in the night, experience feelings of dread, or have encountered a spook, specter or ghost… we believe you. If you seek answers, perhaps this is the place to find them.


Genesis Worlds Mining Claims are the founding NFTs that allow you to participate in individual World governance, while Mining the tokens that power the Metaverse economy. 

Each Mining Claim NFT features a Creative Commons (CC0) licensed downloadable .gif, video and 3D concept model of the World.

Mining claim holders are entitled to 1 land parcel per mining claim held. 

The more Mining Claims you own, the more $GENESIS you will mine, and holding your Mining Claims longer also earns more $GENESIS over time.

The more claims you hold for an individual World, the more influence you’ll have on World governance. 

Use your earned $GENESIS to participate in Governance Staking and earn more $GENESIS


  1. Use Metamask with your desktop browser. (Mobile has more issues.)
  2. Make sure you have enough $GAME for the number of Mining Claims you wish to purchase, as well as $MATIC for gas fees on Polygon Mainnet in your Metamask Wallet. 
  3. Navigate to or the one of the individual World links above and click CONNECT WEB3.
  4. On the page for the Mining Claim you want to purchase, click BUY CLAIM and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.


– Make sure your $GAME is on Polygon at least 72 hours prior to the sale. If you currently have $GAME on ETH mainnet and need to move it to Polygon, follow the process for bridging.

Polygon helps us keep gas fees low. You’ll need enough $MATIC in your wallet to pay gas fees. Fees fluctuate and we recommend you prepare by holding 2-5 $MATIC per transaction in your wallet. (You can buy up to 10 Claims of an individual World per transaction.)

The bonding curve controls the market price, but it can change quickly if there’s lots of Claims bought at the same time. In that case, the price of Claims will also go up quickly, and that can cause your transaction to fail. If it does, you can resubmit your transaction at the new higher price. (See below for more about pricing.)

Test connecting your wallet in advance using the CONNECT WEB3 button. Test disconnecting. You’ll want to know how to do this in case you need to disconnect and reconnect at some point.

If you run into issues, check in with our community on Discord, and we’ll help you out.


World Mining Claims are liquid NFTs. They can be bought and sold from the Mining Claim contract at any time, for the current market buy or sell price. This is a massive improvement over traditional NFTs, which can be hard or impossible to sell. The buy and sell prices are calculated automatically using a bonding curve, based only on the number of Claims that exist.  As you can see below, the curve is very gentle, to allow a good number of Claims to be purchased. For example, when:

500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 508 $GAME

1000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 873 $GAME

1500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 1391 $GAME

2000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 2139 $GAME

2500 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 3195 $GAME

3000 Claims exist, the next Claim will be priced at 4633 $GAME

Note that when Claims are sold back, they are burned, thereby reducing the number of Claims in existence and potentially lowering the sale price for new Claims.

Join us for the April releases and don’t forget to stop by for $GENESIS Farming and Staking!


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