Genesis Worlds Mining Claim Sales, Round Three Introducing; Wildlands and XOTH


Our next NFT Mining Claims go on sale Feb 17th with Wildlands at 8am PST and XOTH at 9am PST. We are shifting launch times and days with each release in order to accommodate our global community.

The Wildlands is the home of the biggest, baddest monsters in the metaverse. Still haven’t gotten over your long-term love or obsession with dinosaurs, kaiju, and other massive beasts? Us too! Watch and battle in the galaxy’s only KMA (Kaiju Martial Arts) league. Create your own Kaiju and battle to the death – last monster standing wins. 

Xoth, glittering like a daemonic eye in the blackness beyond Abbith. It is here that Cthulu mated with Idh-yaa to beget Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, and Zoth-Ommog. Do you have the guts to visit this world and fight the forces of darkness? I’m sure something is waiting there to take you up on your offer, as guts are mighty tasty to these beasts of the dark.

What Are Mining Claim NFT’s?

Genesis Worlds Mining Claims are similar to a land “pre sale” and are the founding NFTs that allow you to participate in individual world governance, while mining GENESIS tokens. Each Mining Claim NFT features a 3D concept model of the World. Collect Mining Claims of all your favorite Worlds to build your unique portfolio. The longer you hold your Mining Claims, and the more Mining Claims you own, the more GENESIS you mine. So far we have released 5 Mining Claim NFT’s, which you can explore and purchase here.

What Are The Benefits to Owning a Mining Claim NFT?

  • – 1 Metaverse land parcel per Mining Claim held
  • – $GENESIS emissions forever (yes, really!)
  • – Each Mining Claim NFT features a Creative Commons (CC0) licensed downloadable .gif, high res MP4 video and 3D concept model of the World
  • – Governance in the world where you’ve purchased your Claim(s). The more claims you hold for an individual World, the more influence you’ll have on World governance!
  • – Future benefits and surprises as decided by community governance and the Genesis Worlds team.

We are truly excited about next weeks launch, as we have changed some of the purchasing mechanics based on data analysis from our first two rounds of sales, but also because we believe these two Worlds offer some really unique angles for future gameplay and in-World experiences. 


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