2021-2022 State of the GAME


Friends and community, 

Like many around the world, the Game Credits team is celebrating all we accomplished despite the challenges of 2021. We are also incredibly excited to jump right into 2022! Here’s a brief recap of the past year. You can always review our full monthly updates on the Game Credits website.

2021 Highlights

Enabled the ability for NFTs created on the GAME Credits platform to be bought and sold on OpenSea

Expanded our team and established a US corporation with payroll and benefits for all US staff

Began production on Genesis Worlds, the 100 year Metaverse

Developed bonded curve NFT smart contracts for Genesis Worlds Mining Claims, which are NFTs with utility

Launched Weekly Twitter Spaces through GameCredits Studio

Increased the size of our audience on social platforms and welcomed new members to our community

Increased participation in and leadership of live virtual events including demos, podcasts, Twitch, clubhouse, and more

Created support materials and documentation for GAME Credits and Genesis Worlds Metaverse

Launched the $GENESIS token, farming and liquidy pool

Built and launched the Genesis Worlds website and GENESIS farming functionality 

Developed the Mining Claim NFTs sale infrastructure

Built dozens of 3D World models and their associated sales and marketing assets in preparation for the sale of Genesis Worlds Mining Claims

Built prototype 3D art gallery world

2022 Expectations

2022 is going to be HUGE — for us, and for you! This year our community will grow and we’ll collaborate with you on the future of the Genesis Worlds project. Community members in Discord are already championing their favorite Worlds, and exploring ideas around World-themed experiences, events, and games. By the end of 2022 we expect to have early playable RPG World experiences available for community testing, feedback, and iteration. Here are some of our plans going into 2022:

Launch Mining Claims initial 3 Worlds on January 18 and additional Worlds every few weeks


Conduct and attend more frequent live virtual sessions on Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse

Add enhancements to our Discord server, including adding channels for each World, and custom roles for trusted community members

Create more opportunities for community members to earn $GENESIS for community participation and creative contributions

Recruit new team members to support the project in operations, engineering, marketing, design, including expansion of the Ambassador program

Establish GENESIS Worlds governance structure and voting process

Launch GENESIS Worlds land sales

Expand marketing for Genesis Worlds, $GAME, & $GENESIS

Form Genesis Foundation nonprofit

Attend and sponsor more online & in person events and conferences

Launch early playable World Experiences

To keep up with our progress and connect with the team and community, join us on:





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