Dear GAME Credits friends and community, 

In our June update, we shared with you our driving values – Community, Transparency, Utility, and Flexibility – and our plan to focus on the GAME Credits platform and Metaverse project. I’m proud of the progress our team has made over the past six months and am excited about the road ahead for GAME Credits. Bringing game utility to the Metaverse is a natural fit for our experienced blockchain engineers and our staff of gaming enthusiasts. 

Our existing NFT minting platform and marketplace allows for sale and minting of NFTs with metaverse utility. To expand on that functionality, our engineers have been working on additional options, such as bonded NFTs, a new way to bring NFT’s to market while also solving a growing issue in the space – liquidity. As we discover and test creative functionality for smart contracts, we focus on features that provide metaverse utility, not only for our projects but across metaverse solutions. Features like these, as well as usability improvements, will be added to our suite of tools for creators over the next several months. Collectors will begin to notice a smoother browsing and purchasing experience.

One of the first tasks in the GAME Credits Metaverse project, is to develop the founding philosophy and community guidelines that will lead to healthy governance, engaged community, and fun and exciting design and development work. We’ll be sharing this documentation openly and encouraging feedback from the community. We’re committed to supporting a community-driven project by dedicating resources for design and development and staffing for administrative processes and community engagement.

Speaking of community, we are excited to meet new friends and reach creators, collectors, and gamers who are excited to participate in design, development, governance, and creative thinking around game mechanics in the Metaverse. We’re thinking big and seeking diverse talents and perspectives. We will expand outreach to individuals and organizations, recruiting partners to join us in this journey. 

One aspect that is definitely a competitive advantage for GAME is our deep Metaverse knowledge. The team is blessed with some of the best minds in the Metaverse space, several who have been active participants with the initial offerings that have come into this sector. This experience, mixed with our deep gaming background has led us to bring forth our own Metaverse, one that challenges the currently held beliefs on what a blockchain-based Metaverse can both look and function like.

Having had the benefit of observing the early incarnations of the Metaverse landscape, we feel confident that our approach, coupled with involvement in existing Metaverse projects puts us in a position to succeed. Good things take time and we are pleased that we did not rush something like this as we plan on it being around for years to come post-launch.

Expect to see more open sharing from our team, including information about how you can get involved. I’ll be hosting an AMA for folks who have questions: about this and anything else under the GAME Credits sun. Details below:

Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Time: 1pm Eastern Standard time (EST)

Location: GAME Credits Discord channel

Join us at:

Enter your question in our GAME Credits Discord #AMA Channel

With Gratitude,

Jason Cassidy


GAME Credits


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