What is the GAME Credits Platform?

GAME Credits is a platform for game developers to deliver blockchain in-game items within their games, with only a simple API call. The GAME Credits RESTful API Suite allows the simple creation of NFT’s, Secure Asset Exchange, Engaging Rewards Delivery, a Fair Tournament Gaming System and more. GAME Credits is also a platform for game players receive rewards from, and share in the success of, their favorite games.

What are the components of the GAME Credits Platform?

v1.0 – Rewards Portal

Players stake GAME tokens on games they are actively playing, games reward players with NFTs and/or GAME tokens, pooled platform fees are shared with developers.

v1.0 – Exchange

  • Use GAME to BUY and SELL user owned game items (ERC-721-NFTs)

v1.0 – Explorer

  • View your own collection of user owned in game items or packs.
  • Gift items, packs or tickets from your collection to a friend.
  • View or Replenish your Ticket or GAME balance.

v1.0 – Foundry

  • Mint Final in game items.
  • Mint Test items during early stages of development.

V2.0 – Esports Tournament system

Enter trustless tournaments with other players.
Receive tournament prizes from the entrance pool.

Verifiably fair gaming tools, such as a Random Number Generator.

Where can I buy GAME Credits?

Several exchanges, please see the Exchanges section here.

Does GAME Credits have its own wallet?

No – unlike most other blockchain solutions, we don’t make users manage private keys, as the private key user experience is undesirable for almost everyone. Instead, the user’s in-game account secures their in-game items until they’re ready to link an Ethereum account, in which case any wallet that supports ERC721 can be used to manage their tokens.

What are Loyalty points?

Loyalty points are used within the GAME Rewards portal . Loyalty points are earned from staking on your favorite games and can be used to redeemed for special rewards from the developer. The more you stake your GAME tokens on a game, the more Loyalty points you earn towards that game.

Loyalty points can be used to earn more GAME tokens, in-game items merchandise, tournament entry tickets, booster packs and other rare promotional items. These items can all be bought, sold and traded on the GAME Exchange.

What is the Matic network and why are you using it?

The Matic Network is building a fundamental infrastructure platform to help Ethereum scale for real world use cases. Matic allows developers to run large-scale applications by deploying to high-throughput Ethereum sidechains, while maintaining the security benefits of the Ethereum mainnet. Find out more by visiting matic.network.

What additional value does the GAME Credits Platform add?
  • Simplicity
  • No blockchain knowledge is required to utilize the GAME Unity SDK, Plugins and RESTful APIs.
  • Using the GAME Credits Platform, less coding is required to integrate your games onto the blockchain.
  • Until your users are ready and decide to take the leap to manage their own wallets, there is no need for users to manage their own private keys, so you don’t have users who will lose private keys. This makes it a huge win-win for both players and developers.


What is GAME and why is it needed for the GAME Credits Platform?

GAME has multiple use cases within the GAME Credits ecosystem:

  • GAME is an in-game currency used to BUY and SELL user owned game items (ERC-721-NFTs).
  • Tokens can be staked to help fund or incentivise developers to deliver quality games, and in return developers will reward the players delegating their tokens with truly owned in game items.
  • GAME is used for various platform fees, such as exchange transactions or NFT creation.
  • Based on their delegated weight, developers will receive income from platform fees accumulated via the marketplace and minting of user owned game items.
  • GAME is the in-game currency of the growing Esports industry.


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