Where can I find your white paper and more information about the Genesis Worlds 100 year metaverse project?

Check out our white paper on the Genesis Hub. The Hub is where we keep the most current information about the project. You can keep up with NFT launches and other news on the official website at genesis.game.

What’s the purpose of having two tokens, GAME and GENESIS?

The GAME token is central to all our projects and products. The GENESIS token powers the play-to-earn and GameFi rewards of the Genesis metaverse. Check out a quick explanation on our Talking Tokenomics blog post.

How do I get GAME tokens?

Check out our list of trusted exchange partners to find out where to purchase GAME.

How do I get GENESIS tokens?

The GENESIS token launched in October 2021. Learn about the multiple ways to get GENESIS.

Where can I learn more about the GAME Credits platform and Rewards Portal?

Visit our Knowledge Base at https://docs.gamecredits.org/.


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