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Blockchain for every gamer

GameCredits allows you to deliver in-game blockchain items to all of your players, with no hassle and no blockchain knowledge required. Your players get true ownership of their in-game items, which opens up all kinds of new opportunities. You get access to new streams of revenue – take a cut whenever players sell your GAME generated in-game items on the open market exchange and receive exchange bonuses and share in platform generated fees when players stake for rewards on your game.

To incentivize players to stake on and play your game, offer them playable in-game items, collectibles or Loyalty points. In return, you will increase player engagement and earn additional revenue by sharing in the fees collected by transactions and asset exchange.

2020 Promotion – As we continue to develop through 2020, the GameCredits team is offering up Rewards to both gamers and developers each week.


Developer Portal coming soon.

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