The New Era of GAME Credits Has Arrived

Good day GameCredits faithful,

My name is Jason Cassidy and I am happy to officially announce that the GameCredits network is merging with the NovaToken network, bringing a full eSports platform, experienced team, partnerships and a new vision to GameCredits. The GameCredits brand will be living on while the entire team, platform and many other pieces over at NovaToken will be joining forces under the GC brand to create a truly harmonious synergy. This means that the NovaToken brand will be going away and we will soon be moving forward under one united brand.

Each networks strengths compliment the other in this fashion. GameCredits is an iconic brand , has a great community and quality exchange listings. Yet, GameCredits has long suffered from a lack of a true technology stack and a team that has experience in both the traditional gaming world and the emerging blockchain gaming sector.

NovaToken has a great platform of eSports and NFT services (non-fungible tokens, think in-game items) that plug into any game seamlessly. NovaToken also has one of the strongest teams in the blockchain gaming space and a clear vision for the future. What Nova lacks is brand awareness, strong cryptoeconomics and a larger community. As you can see, both networks have a lot to offer the other and this is why the decision has been made to merge them together and move forward as one brand under the GameCredits banner. This means that GameCredits will be moving off of the existing PoW network and going over to Ethereum later this year.

This will give GameCredits a truly robust technology stack that allows for scaling and security while also getting to make use of the popular ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standard for NFT’s. In-game items that players get to directly own are becoming a part of gaming in a major way, having a positive impact on every area of the gaming sphere including Esports.

What’s under the NovaToken hood?

The GameCredits network gains quite a bit from the NovaToken network, some key highlights:

  • GAME Tournament is a fully fledged eSports tournament organizer that plugs into any competitive game and brings a provably fair bracket pairing and payout system. With the use of RNG technology we allow game developers to cut down on cost, time and complexity by plugging into our API suite to deliver this tool directly to their player base.
  • GAME Mint is an NFT (in-game item) creation tool that allows developers to easily and economically create any type of in-game item or digital collectible. These can be introduced in-game or as promotional prizes to their players, sold within their gaming universe to raise funds and much more.
  • GAME Exchange provides a marketplace API to enable the creation of an in-game or external third party marketplace for players to buy, sell and trade in-game items. Games and third parties earn a cut of each transaction made across the exchange ecosystem. This allows for secondary markets to be created in an instant, giving way to the new digital economy of gaming.
  • Game REWARDS is our rewards portal that allows players to stake their GAME tokens on any game signed up. Players earn various rewards in the form of additional GAME, in-game items, tournament entry tickets, booster packs and rare digital collectibles. All can be traded or sold by the player allowing for a new revenue stream. What is even better is that when you stake your GAME on a chosen game in the rewards portal, you end up supporting the games development team. The more GAME staked on a given game, the more revenue the game developers receive.
  • One of the most talented teams in the blockchain space, with backgrounds that span from Sega, 2K Games, Wizards of the Coast, BlackBerry along with countless years of experience with in the cryptocurrency world.
  • One of the best advisory boards a gaming network could have. Richard Garfield, the creator of the largest collectible card game in the history of gaming — Magic The Gathering, is one of Nova’s top advisors. The creator of the first true eSports league within the world of CCG’s, Skaff Elias, is also on-board. Skaff is the inventor of the Pro Tour circuit which ushered in the first competitive gaming league. The amount of knowledge and wisdom possessed by just these two individuals is hard to put into perspective.
  • A clear vision for the future of both gaming and blockchain. The team has proven its ability to understand the cryptosphere by evolving to take advantage of the newest trends within both competitive gaming, NFT’s and the emerging technologies behind them. This has allowed us to begin unlocking the virtually limitless value that the future holds for the few that are able to take dominant market positions early on.

What does the GameCredits network bring?

From the NovaToken community’s perspective, there is also a lot to be excited about here. GameCredits was launched in February of 2014 , making it not only one of the first cryptocurrencies in existence, but the very first gaming cryptocurrency.

The GameCredits community is one of the most loyal, educated and passionate groups of individuals in blockchain, period. They have stayed true to the brand and vision of one day seeing the network take its rightful place atop the gaming and cryptosphere throne. With quality exchanges, an iconic brand and considerable market awareness, NovaToken has as much to gain from this synergistic merge as the GameCredits network does. A tremendous amount of strategic planning has gone into this move and historically, the biggest plays in any industry tend to happen when others are distracted or consumed in their own endeavors.

We believe that this union will not only put GameCredits back on the map but position us to be a dominant player in the space for the long term. The rest of the industry will have to figure out exactly what this means to them and what this does for their placement in the pecking order of top gaming networks.

So when does this merge happen and what are the details?

The key points here are that GameCredits will be moving over to the Ethereum network this summer. This also means that both networks currencies (GAME and NVT) will be merged into one currency on Ethereum, in the form of the new ERC-20 GAME token. We will be conducting a blockchain snapshot of both networks in the near future and there will be a redemption process for GameCredits holders that choose to keep their GAME in a private wallet versus holding on one of the supporting exchanges. Plenty of advanced notice will be given so you will not miss a thing.

I want to assure you all now that no one will be left behind in this process as we will have a long redemption window for holders to claim the new GAME token. Details on the process, dates and technical aspects of the merge will be forthcoming as we fine tune the process behind the scenes.

Be sure to join our Discord, Telegram, Twitter and other social media channels to stay up to date. You can also add us on Blockfolio to ensure you receive our Signal updates. And lastly, bookmark the GameCredits blog as I will be updating the community often on the networks progress. And finally, please spread the good word of GameCredits through your own social channels and word of mouth. We are in this together and the more exposure we receive the faster we reach our goals, a true win-win.

What does the future hold for GameCredits?

After the merge is complete, GameCredits will be gaining several exchange listings that NovaToken (NVT) currently occupies. Our community size, brand awareness, partnerships and many other critical areas are going to be receiving a major boost.

We are in the midst of testing our MVP candidate for the initial release of the now-branded GameCredits platform (formally NovaToken platform). We are also in talks with several eSports entities, discussions with top exchanges and many talented people in the gaming space. Expect to see our team size grow along with our advisory board as we begin to build traction under the new GameCredits banner. We also have some major surprises in store for the GameCredits community so you will have to wait and see what we have planned.

I also want to state that the entire team here understands the history of GameCredits. Many of you have stuck around in hopes of one day seeing this exact situation come to fruition — a real future for the network. In the past, many promises were broken and while the current team had nothing to do with those events, we are very aware that trust has been lost because of this.

You will find that the entire team, including myself, have an open door policy in the new GameCredits era. This means transparency, honesty and a culture of under-promising and over-delivering. You all deserve better than you have received here in the past and one of our goals is to reward your loyalty and dedication in every way possible. I lead by example so please feel free to reach out to me personally at any time with questions, concerns or positive thoughts.

Existing partnerships

You will notice we have some partnerships already established. While there will be several more of these being made in the future I want to give some context to the ones we already have:

  • Digitible is one of the industry’s leading NFT (non-fungible token) creator agencies. The company specializes in creating high-quality, unique and collectible digital items for the gaming industry. This partnership is extremely valuable as it allows GameCredits to focus on eSports and NFT services while having an established partner on our side to create world-class digital items that can plug into any game, platform or rewards system.
  • The Non-fungible Alliance is the leading NFT think-tank in the industry. It is a great resource to have at our finger tips and brings us closer to other like-minded companies in the space. This allows for collaboration which is simply not possible without having such a dedicated resource to bring all of the industry players together. We are currently part of the alliance through NovaToken which will be changing over to GameCredits soon.
  • Skale is a second layer solution in the form of a sidechain that operates in conjunction with Ethereum. As the GameCredits platform grows in size and scope, we will need a secure and economical solution. Skale is a very important partner to us for several reasons and I look forward to exploring those opportunities in the future.

The GameCredits vision and path forward

I encourage you all to take a look at the new website at as it goes into detail on many of the areas discussed here. The Developer and Rewards portal will be up and live within the next two weeks and we will be encouraging everyone to take a look and make use of its many virtues. While we could have waited to make the announcement once both the Developer and Rewards portal transitions were complete, we felt it best to get to market quicker given the amount of good news we have to share.

The path forward includes releasing our platform and ramping up adoption of our eSports and NFT services, building on our eSports strategy and working towards having GAME be the defacto in-game currency of the online gaming world. As mentioned above, we have some surprises in store for the community and industry at large. GameCredits has unfettered access to some unique IP that the rest of the industry simply cannot touch. When the time is right the network will be making good use of these to help us break through to become a mainstream brand in gaming.

If you are part of either the NovaToken or GameCredits community and would like to be an active participant in this new era, reach out to us on the team. Whether you are interested in becoming a public facing member of the team or would like to help behind the scenes, we can find a way to make it happen.

If you are a game developer with a gaming already out or coming out soon, you definitely want to reach out to us asap. We can assist you in getting integrated into the Rewards portal as well as assist in cross promotional activities and on-boarding your game into the GameCredits platform.

A final word

This day would have never been possible without the help of some of the previous GameCredits team and community members. A big thank you goes out to the individuals who made this possible (you know who you are :).

While the entire GameCredits community has helped us get to where we are today, a special acknowledgement must be made to the Polish community at GameCredits. Through all the ups and down, the Polish community has showed its resilience and loyalty, something that is invaluable to our future. We have some surprises in store on this front to as a way to say “thank you” to the entire community which we will be rolling out over the course of this year.

We will also be making the website fully translated into many languages including Polish to make life a little bit easier. On a personal note, I have experience with the Polish culture and have even learned some of the language in my past endeavors. It goes without saying that I hold a great deal of respect for the Polish culture and look forward to working with you all closely in the coming weeks, months and years. There are several Zywiec’s to be had together as GameCredits evolves into an industry leader.

I also need to take a moment to thank the entire team over at NovaToken. As the CEO and leader, the praise and criticisms often fall on my shoulders. The team at NovaToken deserves much recognition for their tireless work put towards this effort. The platform is a huge accomplishment in itself however each one of them have gone over and above to help make this day possible. Any and all praise should be going towards these people as I am simply here to help bring these pieces together.

The future looks incredibly bright for GameCredits and this day makes the beginning of a new era for the network. We ask that you join us on as we embark on this adventure and help GameCredits take its rightful place at the top of the blockchain and gaming food chain.


  • Jason Cassidy, CEO of GameCredits


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