Genesis Worlds Mining Claims Launch Art Contest


We love the creativity of our community and thought it would be fun to see what art you create inspired by our 3 launch Worlds. In fact, we are making it a contest where you can win $GAME!

The 3 reference Worlds to choose from are: Nexus, Neo Tokyo, & Treasure Planet. In addition to exploring the links to each World to learn more, we’ve added some reference photos below to help with your inspiration.


Draw, paint, sculpt, 3D render, tell a story, make a video.. whatever you want, just be creative! DM entries to @gamecredits on Twitter or email to [email protected]

  • 1st prize: 5,000 $GAME
  • Community Choice: 1,000 $GAME

Deadline: Monday, January 31st 12midnight PST



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