Up Your GAME Tournament – GAME x Splinterlands

GAME Credits & Splinterlands are excited to announce the first of 4 upcoming Live Tournaments for 2021. 

The first tournament will be on March 27, 2021 11AM EST and will include a prize pool of $500 paid out in $GAME Token!!

Future tournaments will take place in June, September, & December 2021, the last one being a special “Winner’s Tournament”!

This tournament will seat ONLY 32 entries, with 8 places paying. 
So make sure you sign up fast!

The Loot
1st Place – $150 GAME

2nd Place – $115 GAME

3rd Place – $85 GAME

4th Place – $50 GAME

5th Place – $40 GAME

6th Place – $30 GAME

7th Place – $20 GAME

8th Place – $10 GAME

Each tournament will also be showcased with a limited collector’s Splinterlands NFT, that can be found on the GAME Credits Creator page (https://app.gamecredits.org/rewards/creator/27) .  Collecting these NFTs will give some lucky participants a chance to be entered into the final December Winner’s Tournament.  

Along with the tournament prizes for top placement, Carrie from Splinterlands will be giving away Splinterlands goodies during the tournaments & practice sessions.  Be sure to join the Game Credits Discord Splinterlands channel even if you don’t enter the tournament. There may be a Legendary Summoner with your name on it.

Tournament Format:

-SINGLE Elimination Bracket
-Best of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best of 5.
-Splinterlands Level Limit set to BRONZE
-No Legendary Monsters


The tournament will be streamed live via Twitch & in Discord.

Tournament Details:

-These tournaments are set up for NEW Splinterlands’ users (within the last 3 months).  

-You must register before March 26th.

-Register here https://forms.gle/RENnCmZyYriBXZ4F7
-Once you sign up at the Google form you also must register at Splinterlands.com here: (link coming! Check back soon!)
You will need the password from the Google Form to complete registration at Splinterlands.com.
-The first 32 registrants will be provided with a unique code (if needed) that waives the Summoner’s Spellbook fee. Please contact [email protected] if you need an account upgrade. 
-There will be a practice/tutorial session with Carrie on Friday, March 19th @ 5PM EST on Twitch.

-You must be part of both the GAME Credits & Splinterlands Discord.  

-No SPLINTERLANDS Team Members can enter the tournament, but they CAN participate in the chat and win prizes.
-You MUST check in on Splinterlands.com 15 minutes early or you will be auto disqualified (by the system). 

-You MUST check in in Discord (at least once) or even if you win- you don’t win. 

-ONE entry per person. NO BOTS. Caught using multiple accounts or botting will result in permanent ban from future tournaments.
WARNING: If you sign up (even with a new account) and are NOT a new player you will be forever banned from ANY tournament on the Splinterlands website. Do not cheat. Do not try to ‘game the system’. Just be a nice, honest, normal human being. We understand you may have the ‘ability’ to be dishonest. Just don’t. We can all have fun. Don’t ruin everyone’s fun. 😘-CarrieAllen

Sign up in all the places and get ready to battle! Let’s UP YOUR GAME!


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