ANNOUNCING – The GAME Credits Marketplace

We are excited to announce the launch of the GAME Credits Marketplace. The Marketplace allows owners to sell their acquired NFTs, or other in-game items, to other interested users, while the original creators earn a royalty on those sales. Creators can differentiate themselves by offering what specific users want, plus provide a way to sell their NFTs and in-game items and make Fiat.

Users that have purchased NFTs through the GAME Credits web portal or via their in-game account, including collectibles purchased or won as part of a contest or competition, can now sell them directly using a linked Ethereum based wallet such as MetaMask

Nova Blitz will be the first game on the GAME Credits roadmap to roll out this feature, with a launch targeted for later in 2021.

The new GAME Credits Marketplace will allow users to filter on their favorite Creators and find all of the ‘auctions’ that are of interest to them. Once purchased, users can sell items from their own collections in the same manner as other creators.

Last but not least, the GAME Credits Marketplace will also enable items of limited rarity that have ‘sold out’ to be acquired from those who have bought and are reselling them. 

The GAME Credits Marketplace is easy to get started in and there is no blockchain or crypto knowledge required to own & collect NFTs. Having minimal crypto and exchange knowledge will make the process of exchanging $GAME for $ETH and $ETH for Fiat much easier. Exchanges such as UniSwap and Coinbase provide easy to follow tutorials on how to do so.


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