Game Credits – January 2021 Update

GAME Community,

As we alluded to in the first State of the GAME address last month, 2021 will be an incredibly busy year for the team. We’ll be rounding off our feature releases and announcing some very exciting partnerships as the year progresses. In the meantime, let’s dive into what’s happened since our last update.


The development team has been working on Nova Blitz for mobile platforms, Nova Blitz on Blockchain, and the upcoming GAME Marketplace and GAME Loyalty Points. 

The GAME Credits Marketplace will allow owners to sell their acquired NFTs, or other in-game items, to other interested users, while the original creators earn a royalty on those sales. 

Loyalty Points is a new system that rewards users for staking on a creator on the GAME Credits Rewards Portal. If you’re familiar with yield farming in the DeFi space, this is an identical process for the gaming and NFT space.

More information on both the GAME Marketplace and Loyalty Points is coming your way very, very soon.


We’re pleased to announce that another leading Metaverse, SomniumSpace, has joined the GAME Rewards portal. Speaking to the above development update, there will be some very clever uses to the upcoming loyalty points feature allowing supporters to earn some unique NFTs and other collectibles. Keep a close eye out for the launch of Loyalty Points as this will bring a whole new dimension to the rewards you as a supporter will earn.

You can find the GAME HQ in Somnium Space at parcel 861, or by clicking here

To celebrate our partnership we held a launch party on Saturday, January 30th at the GAME HQ in SomniumSpace. Check out the official announcement.

Thanks to all who participated. We had a blast with you!

Additionally we’ve added Nick Frontera to our operations team. Nick serves as our COO and CLO and is helping bring some of his vision to the operations side of GAME. Prior to joining the team he spent his career as an attorney at two prestigious law firms in the US and first became involved in the blockchain space in 2017. He also manages comic legend turned crypto artist, Jose Delbo.

The operations team has begun to streamline itself and is in talks with several other exciting new creators that we will be onboarding to the GAME Rewards portal as well as taking advantage of the GAME Foundry. If you are interested in becoming a creator on the portal please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can guide you through the sign-up process.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of things we are working on behind the scenes.  We know everyone wants to be kept up to date, however as a company, we will not share info until the items have a solid release date.  There is a lot of hype in crypto and that is both good and bad.  

We’d really like to stress that some amazing developments are coming in the next few months. The excitement amongst team members is palpable. We can’t wait to share that news with our fans and creators. Hang tight with us as we shore up the details. 

GAME on!


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