GAME CREDITS Update — September 2020

Good day GAME faithful and welcome to another installment of the monthly update here at GAME HQ. Keeping with the theme of the past several updates, it’s been another busy month and that’s just how we like it. Let’s dive into what’s happening.


With all the new additions to the team, we have been working hard to implement new processes and workflows. In addition, we’ve focused on improving in-team communication and helping each other solve issues that arise.

Significant progress has been made by the team towards bringing the next major release of our Rewards Portal forward. We’ve been very busy migrating our contracts to use the Matic network and over the next few months it will be clear why the delays have happened.

Our NFT Creation Tool for our partners is nearing completion. At launch, games and other partners will be able to create collectible NFTs that can be purchased or earned as staking rewards through our Rewards portal.

Speaking of partners, the original vision of the rewards portal is expanding! In addition to game developers, we will be opening up our partner program to streamers, e-sports personalities, artists, and more! Much of the development effort during September was centered around the expansion of these features. Stay tuned for more news on that front soon.

Furthermore, Nova Blitz is gearing up for release officially on the Apple Store and Google Play as we finished fixing some major bugs with the Android build. We’ll enable in-app purchases and we’re getting things ready to start migrating to the block-chain.

So where’s my release?! Fair question, With the expansion of the scope of our Rewards Portal and the migration to the Matic network, things are taking a bit longer to wrap up. But we assure you the team is working hard and the new features we are adding as part of this release will definitely be worth the wait.


September saw the marketing team work on a lot of different initiatives encompassing a wide range of verticals:

GAME Credits officially joined the Blockchain Game Alliance as well as launched our promotion with BEN (Blockchain Education Network), which you can read more about here:

BEN Global Airdrop to Galvanize Thousands of Students in September

GAME Credits, a blockchain gaming network and one of this year’s main supporters, has allocated $5,000 USD worth of ERC20 tokens for 1,000 students. This will help students understand how their favorite video games could benefit from having internal, blockchain-based currencies.

GAME Credits was also involved in a few different live events:

  • CEO Jason Cassidy gave the keynote talk at CGC live and discussed The NFT Revolution
  • CEO Jason Cassidy joined Esports expert Marcus Howard on a panel at Pocket Gamer Helsinki to discuss the intersection of blockchain and Esports
  • COO Josh Morton streamed live on Twitch to discuss what’s going on at GAME Credits

In addition to the top real estate we’ve secured in the Sandbox, Somnium Space, and Crypto Voxels, on Sept 10th we launched the new GAME Credits HQ in Decentraland, which is located in the heart of the Crypto Valley district.

On top of these initiatives, our marketing team has continued to grow. We’ve welcomed two more experienced professionals in this space and are continuing to add to our pool of talent where applicable.

Daily social media engagement is the name of the GAME for us (slight pun intended). If you follow us you already know how busy things are at GAME HQ as we are constantly releasing great news regarding new products, partnerships and events. This is part of the culture at GAME Credits in that we are continually looking for ways to improve our product.

As mentioned previously, GAME giveaways continue every month so this is yet another great reason to follow us closely on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook and our other socials. We will be launching our YouTube channel soon and this is very relevant as we will be doing more public outreach in the industry.


As mentioned in the development portion of the update we’ve been very busy working on Matic integrations and migrating contracts to the Matic network in preparation for future feature releases as well as working with our partner SKALE as they ramp up operations.

Once the GAME Foundry (formerly GAME Mint) is complete much of the development focus will shift to GAME Exchange. As a soft-date, we anticipate the work on GAME Foundry to be complete sometime in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Our COO Josh conducted a Splinterlands 101 session with Carrie from the Splinterlands team. This session was meant not only for our community to learn the ins and outs of Splinterlands but to answer any questions our faithful fans have about both GAME and Splinterlands.

We’re beginning weekly Twitch streams which serve as an open AMA time as well as bringing our fans the opportunity to play games with members of the team. Thursday GAME TIME will become a standard and begins in the month of October. We’ll be releasing a schedule so fans know when they can tune in to watch, ask questions, and play themselves.

On the Nova Blitz front, our Android build has been submitted to the Google Play store for review. While we don’t have an exact timeline on this being added to the store we anticipate it will not be long.

The GAME Ambassador program is very close to public release. This is going to be a great way to help out the company, learn about the technologies we have as well as earn some GAME by representing the brand in your geographical region. Details will be released shortly regarding how you can become an ambassador in your respective region of the world and help support and build our GAME community.

September also saw GAME added to, a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator site that helps select the best rates when purchasing GAME. They can be found on the “Token” page of our website along with all other exchanges.

Redemptions continue for those GAME holders who are looking to swap out their old PoW GAME coin for the new ERC-20 GAME token. We have a long redemption window which covers all of 2020, so if you are just reading this now reach out to us regarding support if you need assistance with the swap process. Our goal from the beginning has been to ensure no one is left behind and having a long grace period for holders to take part in the swap is the surest way we can fulfill that promise to you all. If you are only reading this now and need to swap from the old PoW GAME coin to the new ERC20 GAME token, you can find the instructions necessary to complete your redemption here:

GAME Credits manual redemption process for July 1st snapshot

Manual Redemption of the New ERC20 GAME Token


Closing Thoughts:

As we continue to forge ahead with development of the platform we’re humbled by the community we have and know that none of this would be possible without you, our loyal fans. Our focus has always been on creating real value and use cases through our platform. While we do put effort into growing our community we are confident that the features we’re delivering will have a powerful “if you build it, they will come” effect on the industry.

The team and culture we’ve cultivated here at GAME HQ has truly begun to round out over the past few months. We’re more confident than ever that we have the proper tools, people, and passion in place to deliver something truly unique to the blockchain, gaming, and NFT worlds. A common theme we share is the belief that the road to mass adoption lies with gaming and NFTs. We won’t stop until we see that belief becomes reality.


GAME on!


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