Manual Redemption Instructions for the July 1st Snapshot

Manual Redemption of the New ERC20 GAME Token

Step One:

Install the Metamask Ethereum wallet in your web browser by visiting

Metamask is supported on Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Android, and IOS.

Follow all instructions provided by Metamask carefully and remember to back up your seed phrase!

Step Two:

Open your GameCredits Core wallet and find your receiving address by browsing to File -> Receiving addresses. If you have received GameCredits to multiple addresses within your wallet, you can send them to yourself in a single transaction to any receiving address listed in your core wallet.


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Step Three:

Right click and copy your receiving address where your GameCredits are stored. In this example, they are all stored under a single receiving address.


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Step Four:

In your GameCredits core wallet, browse to File -> Sign message.


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Step Five:

On the Signatures page, paste your GameCredits receiving address copied in step three into the topmost bar. In the body section of the signature page, paste your Ethereum address from the Metamask wallet installed in step one. Please do not include any information in the body other than your Metamask Ethereum address. Once you have verified both addresses are correct hit the Sign Message button.


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Step Six:

Copy the signed message using the icon to the right side of the Signature bar.


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Step Seven:

Open a web browser and browse to the official swap form at:

All listed field are required. Please enter your email address, your Metamask Ethereum address from step one, your GameCredits core wallet receiving address from step three, and your signed message from step six. Once you have verified the information is correct hit submit and wait for the arrival of your new ERC20 GAME tokens in your Metamask wallet!


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