GAME Credits April 2020 Update

Good day GAME Credits faithful.

Continuing the tradition established over at NovaToken, we will be producing end of the month updates to highlight the key areas that the company has been making progress on. These updates are meant to keep the industry abreast on what is currently happening here at GAME Credits and can be expected down the road.

The company has three distinct functional groups: development, marketing and platform. Each group focuses on their area(s) of discipline and coordinates with each other to ensure everyone is moving in the right direction and at the proper speed.


The development group continues to make progress on our MVP candidate (minimum viable product) of the GAME Credits eSports platform. One of the features, GAME Rewards, has been released on the Kovan testnet on Ethereum. You can test out the Rewards portal today by heading to:

Once the switch to Ethereum is complete this summer, the new ERC-20 GAME token will be deployed and so will the GAME Rewards portal. Once live, holders of GAME will be able to stake their tokens on their favorite games signed up on the portal. In return, they will be eligible to earn GAME tokens and many unique types of non-fungible token (NFT’s) associated with the game they staked on. This could mean in-game items, collectible cards, booster packs, tournament entry tickets and much more.

Our second layer solution partner, Skale, is working with us behind the scenes we go through the steps of conducting thorough testnet coverage. This step is important in software development as it allows us to work out bugs that may arise without negatively impacting the customer. It also allows us to resolve the issue at a much cheaper cost overall. Our road map shows the time-frame we are working towards for our release, however the goal is to have all the platform features tested and deployed well before years end. The first two features we will be going live with is GAME Rewards and GAME Mint. These two features go hand-in-hand as game developers and gamers alike can make use of our extensive NFT creator tool. This allows individuals to bring to life some truly amazing digital collectibles, ushering in a secondary market for these NFT’s.

In the future we will have independent development updates that will begin to reveal the UI / UX pieces as we inch closer to being feature complete. On a final note, we are looking to grow the development group post-merge which will help us bring to market more value-add to the eSports platform.


The marketing group is growing fast as we add new team members with backgrounds in advertising and crypto marketing. There are several initiatives underway however some of the key ones to look forward to:

  • Physical GAME Credits collector coins being curated to commemorate the new era of GAME
  • GAME Credits swag of all types is being produced (t-shirts, stickers, headbands, you name it). These will be given out as future prizes and of course the team will be representing GAME whenever they can this way in the public eye.
  • Conference circuits will eventually begin to pick up interest again, whether physical attendance or virtual. The team will be looking to have as much presence in both venues whenever possible. GAME Credits Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Wand, is a well known public figure in the blockchain conference circuit and will be a huge plus for GAME getting exposure across the globe.
  • Social media contests and giveaways are taking place. We recently had an Easter Bunny GAME contest in which Twitter users could earn eggs worth varying degrees of GAME. We will be conducting more of these in the future at random times so make sure you are following us on all socials, you do not want to miss out on these when they come up!
  • Trading contests for GAME will be taking place post-merge. We will be doing this to help introduce new exchanges, build up community support for GAME as well as offer something fun to the public. This will be a great way to earn GAME and other prizes while honing your crypto trading skills.
  • New exchange listings for GAME post-merge

The marketing group has a lot on their hands these days as the above is just a snippet of what is actually going on behind the scenes. Conveying a clear and concise message is one of the goals this group is establishing right now. I am personally excited about what this group has in store for the second half of 2020. Marketing has the focus of promoting the brand, the currency and the platform, all while balancing the needs of each. This can be a challenging job which is why we are so fortunate to have the talent we possess in this department.

One note I will make regarding exchanges. We will be very strategic about what exchanges we engage with to have GAME listed. Crypto exchanges pop up every week now and many have questionable business practices that can extend down the legitimacy of their trading volume.

It is a fallacy in crypto that getting listed on a new exchange will bring value to the company and currency. Often times it is exactly the opposite, the company spends precious funds to get listed on a new exchange and there is little to no trading volume behind it. We will be working with exchanges that have higher standards for listing, real volume and a history of transparency and success. These exchanges will also have strong regional support as this ties into our marketing strategy of developing strong user adoption in geographical regions. BitBay is a great current example of this for us.


The platform group focuses on driving adoption of the GAME Credits platform. This takes shape in many ways:

  • On-boarding game developers
  • On-going support to game developers to ensure they are getting what they need from the platform
  • Accurately conveying to development what is needed on the platform features from a UI / UX perspective
  • Coordinating with the marketing group to understand the message that is being crafted and how to convey that to game developers and gamers
  • Assisting in key areas of business development around the platform

Ultimately, the platform group are the guardians of the platform itself, working with the other functional groups to ensure each side is aware of the others needs and contributions. This group is also the first contact for partnership inquiries, so they are very much the glue that holds GAME Credits together.

Each of the three key groups in the company are vitally important. Without either of these groups, the others would eventually falter. All three groups will continue to experience manageable growth this years as GAME Credits continues to turn heads.


We have carried over and doubled down on the partnership with Digitible that was established under the NovaToken banner. Digitible will be working with us to craft truly unique NFT’s for our partners. You will see this take form with GAME Rewards first however Digitible will be playing a vital role in some of our future partnerships.

We are also working with Skale, our second layer solution. Skale is a side-chain that connects with Ethereum and allows us to truly scale the GAME Credits eSports platform from both a technical and economical perspective. There exists a tremendous amount of potential between GAME Credits and Skale’s partnership. Skale is just starting out in its goal of becoming the defacto second layer solution for dapps, so both companies find themselves in a position to assist each other in reaching their goals from the onset. We expect to have more news to share on this front with Skale in the future as our partnership matures.

Beyond that, we have numerous conversations on-going with parties in and outside of the cryptosphere. This includes games, eSports platforms and companies that can benefit from having GAME integrated into their ecosystem. It is a myth that getting a cryptocurrency adopted by a company of scale is a trivial matter. The legalities involved alone can be complex however GAME Credits has something to offer many companies out there between our currency and the eSports platform. The moment we are able to share with you more news on a secured partnership, we shall. We expect to have more official partnerships that move us to the top of the gaming and eSports mountain in due course.


This area will have updates sporadically thorough the year as information that pertains to it bubbles up to the surface. Some of the points I would like to emphasize regarding the company and the brand itself:

  • Since the announcement we have been approached by many non-crypto entities in eSports, venture capital, media and gambling
  • The overall feeling regarding the merge from the industry has been overwhelmingly positive
  • The non-crypto business world is viewing this merge between GAME Credits and NovaToken as a merger and acquisition — this is bringing us more mainstream attention (see first point above)
  • The company will be looking to conduct a capital raise in the near future provided the terms make sense for the short and long term plans the company has
  • The company is looking to acquire more IP if and when the situation makes sense

As mentioned above in the partnerships section, we are working on many different opportunities to build up GAME Credits in a sustainable manner. This means not taking on more than we can chew — it also means you take a great opportunity when it presents itself.

With COVID 19 and the global financial calamity taking place, the company is preparing for the worst and projecting the very best in terms of outcome. There is a chance the economic damage created from a coordinated shutdown of the global economy will be severe and last for some time into the future. GAME Credits is taking a long term perspective to the gaming and NFT industry, we will be doing what we feel is required to ensure the company is always well capitalized. This will allow us to move swiftly in the future and actually prosper as we capitalize on market opportunities from any economic fallout in the space.

The Merge:

We are at the final steps of preparing for the merge and are simply now waiting on a few partners to get their pieces in order to support us. The company is taking an inclusive approach to the merge, which means we are doing everything in our power to ensure no one is left behind. This also means we are going to make this process as easy on GAME and NVT holders as possible.

Once we have the final steps finalized and agreed to, I will be announcing to everyone what the plans are. This will include:

  • The dates of the snapshots along with the redemption window
  • What holders of GAME and NVT need to do to prepare for the swap
  • What exchanges will be supporting the swap
  • What the cryptoeconomics of the swap look like
  • Details around the new ERC-20 GAME token
  • Date when the ERC-20 GAME token will be deployed

There is a considerable amount of coordination required in the background to ensure this all goes smoothly. Legalities, costs, marketing, coordinating with partners, aligning dates, technical process for the redemption and distribution of the token, updating partners for the new ERC-20 GAME token, and the list goes on.

Thankfully, we are near the end of this journey and everyone on the team is looking forward to the new era of GAME Credits officially kicking off. Your patience in this all is very much appreciated as we know what it can be like to be waiting in the crypto world. Most of us are holders of other networks and have been down the same path as you have. For many, the rabbit hole of blockchain and crypto was one we went down many years ago now.

This experience we have gained over those years has lead us to the path we are on now. This merge has created a lot of positive energy and untold potential — but that potential is unrealized and we must not take our foot off the pedal. The industry simple moves too fast to take a day off and this is the mindset that we employ each and every day for GAME Credits.

Thanks again for your loyalty and support, it means more to us than you likely realize. Now, let’s go make some history together — GAME ON!

  • Jason Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer


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