Deploy new website

Qlear partnership (ongoing)

Reach out to new exchanges and push to get USD markets (ongoing)

Reach out to new game studios and push to get adoption (ongoing)

Game-Store with 3000+ games (ETA: Q1 2019)

API for services to accept GAME without needing the full blockchain client (ETA: Q2 2019) 

Libraries for JavaScript, Java, Python, C/C++, other languages (ETA: Q2 2019)

Update code to 0.16 branch

Bounty system for community members (ETA: Q3 2019)

Miner application with Twitch integration (ETA: Q2 2019)

Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm Update (hard fork – ETA Q4 2019)

Multi algorithm mining (ETA: Q4 2019)

Transaction anonymity prototype (ETA: 2019)

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