Freelance Art Commissions: 3D Low Poly Modeling / 2D Illustrations / Animated Art

GAME Credits

Posted 3 weeks ago

GAME Credits is a platform aimed at lowering the barrier to entry for creators bringing their work to the blockchain. 

Job Description:

We are looking for talented Illustrators and 3D Modelers to create artwork for an unannounced project. Of particular interest, are Low Poly 3D Modelers and 2D Illustrators of landscapes, cities and planets. Open to many types of themes and styles. 

If this sounds interesting to you, please inquire to learn more. 

Job Type:

This is a Freelance opportunity, with multiple openings.

***Please send a link to your portfolio to:
The default for the job board requires you to send a resume which is not needed for this position.
Please email your portfolio to the above email address

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