The GameCredits Foundation January 14th 2019 Update

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another report from The GameCredits Foundation.

Before we get started, we wanted to share a friendly reminder that the official GameCredits website is


Today we want to inform you about our latest development release.
The following changes are present in

  • OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility
  • Replacing of fixed seeds to 0.15.3 peers
  • Cleanup of Komodo files to ensure no conflict w/ regtest & testnet, as well as cleaner logic
  • Fixing testnet4 to use DGW

If you use testnet, please clean out everything except wallet.dat before installing this update.

Please also send your peer’s info to [email protected] so that we can build a list of testnet peers.

Poloniex maintainance

We are in contact with Poloniex to get GAME deposits and withdrawals live as soon as possible.

Contact us!

We’re always eager to hear back from our community! Make sure to leave any GAME-related questions on our social media/communication platforms.


The GameCredits Foundation

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